What is Bionics4Education?

Bionics4Education combines analog and digital learning in a didactic form with a practice-oriented educational kit and an accompanying digital learning environment. Bionics4Education was developed by a team of engineers, designers, computer scientists and biologists. The team, which had successfully developed bionically inspired projects in the past, recognised that the countless prototypes and experimental models developed during the design process could be used as a source of ideas to get young people in particular excited about bionics and about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) worldwide.

The didactic and learning strategy of the educational kit is based on the multi-layered learning experience of the people involved in the Bionic Learning Network. During the development phases of countless bionics projects, the experts were able to gather valuable experience over the years, which can now be passed on in a targeted manner with Bionics4Education.

These bionics prototypes are at the heart of learning and have been adapted into a modular educational concept with a unique learning construction kit. Bionics for the classroom.


The goal of Festo’s Bionics4Education is to offer a range of bionics-inspired projects and supporting content that educators can use to create a project-based learning experience for their students that emphasizes creativity, innovation, and problem solving.

Finally, bionically inspired robots can be assembled with these learning construction kits. The idea is to build robots based on nature’s model and to control them remotely with mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.



Bionic Swift Experimental Set

After the Bionics Kit and the Bionic Flower, Festo Didactic has now taken inspiration from a swallow. The Bionic Swift is a robot bird, for general technical education. The experimental set allows independent assembly of wings and tail and is controlled by a remote control. The Bionic Swift is suitable for learners aged 15 and up in school or home environments and teaches knowledge about bird flight, lightweight construction, aerodynamics and practical model building skills.

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Available: Currently, the market launch is in preparation. Stay tuned.

Watch our Teaser movie for the Bionic Swift Experimental Set 

Bionic Flower Experimental Set

Besides a further development of the well-known Bionics Kit (Bionic Elephant, Bionic Fish, Bionic Chameleon), the brand-new Bionic Flower is debuting. The Bionic Flower is a robot flower inspired by the world of plants. The Bionic Flower opens and closes its petals as a reaction to external influences such as touch, approximity or light. Students can explore these mechanisms in a playful way using sensors and control technology. The attractive design that mimics the natural model and the transfer of principles from the plant world to technology add new fascinating topics to Festo’s STEM curriculum (STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

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If you are interested in doing your own developments with the Bionic Flower, here are some examples regarding: programming, 3D printing and robotics. Click on DIY Projects

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Software Update Bionic Flower – Manual and zip.file (Support)

Teachware for the Bionic Flower on FestoLX

Bionics Kit

Innovative modular concept

Thanks to the innovative modular system and the accompanying digital learning environment, theory quickly becomes practice for young people: the learning construction kits contain materials and accessories for building various bionics projects. The basic equipment includes servo motors, electronic components, and functional and connection elements, so that construction can begin immediately. It is the task of the students to combine the given components with self-selected materials and objects in a sensible and creative way.

All robots are driven by servo motors and controlled by an Arduino-compatible microcontroller. The movements are controlled via a Wifi connection to a smartphone or via a mobile device or PC. No programming skills are required.

Bionics Kit – Three animal robots from one construction kit

The first Bionics Kit, with a focus on moving and grasping, contains the material to build three different bionically inspired projects:

  • Bionic Fish Model
  • Bionic Elephant Trunk
  • Bionic Chameleon Gripper

The special feature of this construction kit: Since the projects are completely disassembled into their individual components after assembly, three models can be created from one construction kit. A construction kit can be worked on jointly by up to four learners. As basic equipment, the kit contains all necessary interface elements. These include small servo motors, compatible electronic and mechanical components, or plastic elements such as Fin Ray® structures. Festo Didactic won the World Didactic Award 2018 with this Bionics Kit.

If you are interested in doing your own developments with the Bionics Kit, here are some examples regarding programming, 3D printing and robotics. Click on DIY Projects

Festo LX

Free courseware available on FestoLX

Bionic Fish

You want to build a robot fish based on nature? Then you can find more information here on how to assemble your bionic-inspired animal robot “Bionic Fish”.

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Bionic Elephant

You would like to build an elephant trunk robot based on nature? Then you can find more information here on how to assemble your bionic-inspired animal robot “Bionic Elephant”.

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Bionic Chameleon

You want to build a chameleon robot based on nature? Then you can find more information here on how to assemble your bionic-inspired animal robot “Bionic Chameleon”.

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Interactive Learning Poster – Bionics Kit

The learning poster is intended for use in the classroom. It guides the students through the assembly of the bionic construction kit (Fish, Elephant, Chameleon) and also provides some theoretical background.

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Why is Bionics4Education unique?


fosters the curiosity of young people and inspires students to learn about robotics and bionics


creativity and fun while learning from nature


inspires and motivates learners to use STEM-topics in bionically inspired projects


each prototype can be individually designed


ideal combination of digital and analogue learning units

“When working with the Bionics Kit, the students really enjoy transferring functions from biology into a technical component. A real highlight of our bionics workshop is that the students can assemble a robot arm themselves modeled on the elephant’s trunk.”

Jaqueline Pernet

STEM Coach at coaching4future (Germany)

“It is nice to see how the educational concept Bionics4Education, with the available educational kit and teaching materials, helps young people to become aware of their competences and abilities. I also think it’s good that the courses promote social skills because of the necessary group work. That makes it special.”

Petra Carbon

STEM multiplier and STEM teacher (Germany)

“The Bionic Kits provide direct access to dive into the technology presented in the exhibition.
Experimenting, researching and trying out something new: all this is possible during a hands-on workshop in the interactive labs at the Deutsches Museum Nuremberg.”

Katharina Bock

Research Assistant - Education and Mediation Nuremberg Branch Deutsches Museum (Germany)

“As part of the Girls Day Academy Esslingen/Göppingen, girls in the eighth grade were given an insight into the fascinating world of bionics. Festo’s construction kits enabled interesting experiments with robots they made themselves: whether elephant’s trunk, fish or chameleon’s tongue – the girls were thrilled by the possibilities of remote-controlled robots!”

Sabine Neumüller

Pedagogical Assistant and Teacher - Researcher Factory Schorndorf (Germany)

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The bionics learning kits can be bought directly from Festo Didactic with purchase on account or from our sales partners. Purchase on account and by online payment system is possible.

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Reference to STEM

The bionics learning kit is a perfect addition to any integrative STEM educational program because bionics combines biology and technology.

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Use in Class

The Bionics4Education learning environment is based on an open educational approach. This means that the teaching materials and teaching aids are available free of charge.

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