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Interactive Learning Poster – Bionics Kit (Fish, Elephant, Chameleon)

Self-controlled learning process

The Interactive Learning Poster accompanies the use of the Bionics Kit in the classroom. The poster guides the learners through the construction of the three robot animals and provides additional background knowledge, which is conveyed with the help of online learning content. QR codes are used to access the digital content. Thereby the learners come into contact with 3D animations.

Digital skills

After a successful assembly, the learners see virtual robot animals via Augmented Reality. The learners use their own mobile devices.  Thus, the interactive learning path is an optimal tool to combine analog and digital learning in a playful way and helps to use digital tools in the classroom in a meaningful way.


The interactive learning path is an optimal tool for combining analogue and digital learning in a playful way. It helps to use digital tools in the classroom in a meaningful way and is therefore a perfect addition to any integrative STEM educational program.

Augmented Reality

Hint cards

3D Animations

Self-controlled learning process

  • The teacher presents the learning poster in front of the class. Afterwards the learners can scan the QR codes on the poster in group work with their smartphone and thus start their journey on the digital learning path.
  • The groups now receive the digital building instructions as a 3D animation for the analog assembly of the robot animal of their choice. They can choose between chameleon, fish or elephant from the Bionics Kit (move and grasp).
  • In addition to the poster, there are reference cards for each robot animal with which learners can expand their knowledge of bionics.
  • At the end of the learning path, the learners have built a robot animal together and can test how it works and also try out their acquired knowledge in a quiz. Once all the questions in the quiz have been answered and all the cue cards have been put together correctly, an analogous picture of the robot animal is created. This image can be brought to life by using the smartphone as a virtual robot animal in the form of augmented reality.

Promoted skills of the learners

  • The combination of analogue and digital learning
  • Learning with 3D animations
  • Imparting useful knowledge in a playful way
  • Promotion of group work
  • Self-controlled learning process
  • Support in competent handling of digital media

Other features

  • Project work
  • Guidance through the individual construction steps
  • Linking STEM education with digital learning
  • Curriculum relevant action competence development
  • Detailed teaching materials
  • Easy handling in the classroom
  • Application of a holistic, integrated teaching and learning approach: combination of classroom teaching and e-learning

In order to use the Interactive Learning Poster in a meaningful way, a Bionics Kit is required.