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Bionic Swift

Robot bird inspired by the Swallow

The Bionic Swift is a robot bird inspired by the swallow for general technical education. The experimental kit allows independent assembly of wings and tail unit and is controlled by a radio remote control.

In STE(A)M lessons, students learn the basics of bird flight and the mechanism of action of flapping wings in a playful way. Scientific and technical correlations, such as the fascination of bird flight, lightweight construction, energy efficiency and aerodynamics can be impressively conveyed by means of the project-based approach.

Through extreme lightweight construction, the Bionic Swift weighs less than 40 grams and thus demonstrates extremely agile flight behavior as an ultra-light flying object. Testing should therefore take place in a relatively windless airspace.

Hands on experience

The experimental kit contains all materials for assembling and operating the Bionic Swift. The additionally available consumable kit, which includes feathers, glue and carbon rods, allows the wing and tail to be reassembled, thus enabling multiple uses.

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Note: Available in Q1 2022 (price will follow).

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    Bionic Flower

    Robot flower inspired by water lilies and mimosa plants

    The Bionic Flower is a construction kit inspired by the plant world. It opens and closes its petals in response to external influences such as approach or light. These mechanisms of action are simulated with sensors and actuators and can be learned in a playful way by students in class.

    Festo Didactic took the mechanisms of action of water lilies and mimosa plants as a model for the development of the Bionic Flower.


    The basic functions of the robot flower can be used without programming. Furthermore, the microcontroller can be programmed with the graphic coding interface “Open Roberta”.

    Note: Available now

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    Bionics Kit

    Three animal robots out of one construction kit

    The following bionic robots can be built with this kit:

    – Bionic Fish

    – Bionic Chameleon

    – Bionic Elephant

    Modular construction system

    All animal robots are driven by servo motors and controlled by an Arduino-compatible microcontroller. The movements are controlled via a Bluetooth connection to the smartphone or via a mobile device or PC. No programming knowledge is required.

    With the help of the corresponding teaching materials, the learners are guided through the assembly steps. The contents are intended to help the learners with assembly and programming and provide the teachers with biological, methodological background material.

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